Plastic Basket

Plastic basket are commonly used in houses for storing items like fruits, vegetables and utensils. They are light in weight and are equipped with two support handles which make them easy to carry.

Plastic Bucket

Plastic Buckets are one of the important utility equipment that are used in Indian Bathrooms and toilets. They are mainly used to store water and various other things. These are usually cylindrical in shape with open top.

Plastic Planter
Plastic Planter are the containers used in the cultivation of plants and can be used as a decoration element in homes and offices. They are made from best grade plastic and are provided with a hole at base which acts as passage for excess water.

Plastic Stool
Plastic Stool are standing furnitures that are used as a seating platform. They are available in various designs, colors, sizes and are able to bear heavy body weights.

Plastic Tub
Plastic Tubs are household utility equipment which are used to store water. These can also be utilized in kitchens for storing utensils and various other things. They are made from top quality plastic which enhances their strength.
Plastic Paint Bucket
Plastic Paint Buckets are cylindrical shaped container used to store chemicals and industrial paints. The High density plastic used for the manufacturing make them durable and increase their service life.

Plastic Dustbin
Plastic Dustbins can be used in houses, offices and various industries for the disposal of waste materials. These are light in weight and are easy to clean. The plastic used for their manufacturing make them suitable for both wet and dry material waste.
Plastic Tasla
Plastic Tasla is a round container with open top that are made from best quality plastic which make them durable and light in weight for easy handling. They are available in different sizes as per the client's requirement.

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